Badminton-Artificial Turf


Artificial Turf:

At Dribble we provide only the highest quality artificial turf materials approved by FIFA. We can supply anything from basic landscaping turf to the highest quality federation approved turf for Football, hockey or any multipurpose facility.

The pile height (Blade height) varies based on the sport, ranging from 12mm for hockey to 60mm for Football. Artificial turf infill, which is required to keep the grass blades vertical, varies from a combination of rubber and silica to coiled grass infill depending on your choice of artificial turf.






We offer a wide range of colour and size options among other things so the client can go here to choose his/her preference and size to get the ultimate customization.


  • Looks and feels like natural grass and weather resistant
  • Extremely durable with federation certifications as per sport
  • Very low maintenance, no water required
  • Huge variety of turf options available
  • Turnkey installation including base work, lighting, rebound systems.
  • Cost varies based on blade height, grass density and backing material

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